Slide Hammer/Dent Puller 9 Piece set.

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Product Code: 5 LB Dent Pulling Kit
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1 x 9 Pieces Slide Hammer Set

Technical details:
Carving tool with sliding arm, 9-piece
Suitable for bulging and straightening on vehicle's chassis
Blows can be placed precisely
Tool also for the removal of jammed shafts or hubs at the wheel bearing
1 x percussion hammer 1,44 kg
1 x detachable plastic handle
1 x sliding tube made of solid metal with 5/8 "x 18 UNF thread, length 420 mm
1 x drawbar flat, 30 mm wide, 90 mm long, angled about 90 °
1 x drawbar flat, 30 mm wide, 110 mm long, angled about 90 °
2 x drawbar round, diameter 8,5 mm, approx. 90 ° angled, length 59 mm
1 x straightening bolt large, length 80 mm with conical outer thread
1 x straightening bolt small, length 43 mm with outer thread
1 x clamping chuck for the pick-up of the hooks, tips or other welding nails
Tools for the ambitious DIY

Product Description:
This set with special external or internal two- or three-pull pullers allows you to remove gears and bearings even in tight spaces
Oil seals and wheel bearings can also be removed with this set. Even small grooves on the car body can be pulled out with the appropriate adapter and sliding chamber
Percussion hammer 1,44 kg

Sliding tube made of solid metal

With soft plastic handle

Includes many different adapters

Good quality

Absolutely indispensable for bulging / car body work

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